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The marriage you want doesn’t just happen, you have to create it. 

Create a Marriage

A Revolutionary Relationship Concept from Dr. Jermone and Erica Glenn

Rather you’re walking down the aisle in 30 days or you’ve been married for thirty years, Create a Marriage is the place for you and your spouse to grow and develop as one. Here you get the tools you need to build out your a marriage that is purposeful, passionate, and powerful partnership.


What do you want your marriage to look like? How you do you want it to function? In a world of social #relationshipgoals we dare you to create your own. Say goodbye to stale unions. You deserve a happy, healthy, and thriving marriage. 

How can we help?



Sit down when people who get where you are and can help you navigate where you’re going. We focus on a unique approach to coaching you that helps you build your family plan, increase intimacy, and design your legacy simultaneously. Our coaching sessions are available in group sessions and individually.



We offer virtual and in-person classes that focus on individual development for wives and husbands and couples classes on specific topics. These sessions are meant to focus on specific topics and not a replacement for coaching or counseling. 


Creating a Moment

Our relationship refresh retreats are built to get away from the distractions of the world and focus on developing the marriage you desire. Connect with your suppose again, have fun, get close, and commit to creating your marriage. 

JG Create A Marriage 22-23 BG 1.jpg
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We’re the Glenns — purpose parterres in marriage and ministry. 

Together we’ve coached hundreds of couples through the highs and lows of marriage. Through our counseling and our own marriage experiences, we’ve created a blueprint to help other couples learn to thrive. We believe marriage is what you make it. But so many people think relationships flourish on its own.


We want to help you invest in the greatest partnership of your life. Our speciality areas include: Blended families, marriage and business, leading for legacy, communication, intimacy, and intentional living.

When you connect with us, rather through a course, event, podcast, or on social you get Kingdom principles and wisdom to help develop the marriage you’ve dreamed of, desire, and deserve.

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