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Kingdom Relationships

Tired of unsuccessful relationships? In Kingdom Relationships you’ll learn from the wisdom of scripture and the experiences of a husband and Wife Dr. Jermone and Pastor Erica Glenn. Improve your connection with others no matter your status when you focus on building relationships the Kingdom way!

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Living Beyond Limits

We all have the potential to live boundless lives, but what is it that stops so many people from reaching that full potential? We like to attribute our lack of success to environmental facts, but the truth is that most of the time, we place limitations on ourselves that stop us from living up to all we can be. In Live Beyond Limits, Dr. Glenn shows us how to remove the limits placed on our own lives in order to go further faster and live a life free of restrictions.

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LOVE: 30 Day Challenge to Live Love

This is the perfect daily devotional for growing in relationship with God, yourself, and others. Challenge yourself to go beyond what the world says about love and learn what God says

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Got Wisdom?

Wisdom is the principal thing. Taking lessons from the lives of Jesus and Solomon, Dr. Jermone Glenn goes into detail explaining the importance of wisdom, how to use it, and the benefits it will have for your life.

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Toxic Relationships

What is a toxic relationship? When we think of something that is toxic, we tend to think of something that's poisonous and hazardous to our health. Imagine a relationship having that same effect. Contract to popular belief, relationships have the potential to become toxic and cause us harm in one way or another.In this book, Dr. Jermone Glenn uses the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah to skillfully explore how to identify the signs of a toxic relationship and teaches how to "detox" from a toxic situation.


Create Everything

Creating your future is easier than you may believe. Take hold of the opportunity to manifest the life of your dreams when you follow the blueprint of creativity from the best creator ever--God! Join Dr. Glenn as he provides insight and wisdom for designing the life you've always desired through kingdom principles and biblical concepts.