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It’s Your Seat…
will you take it?

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We’re Revolutionizing the way we think about leadership. This is your invitation to join us.

Say goodbye to feeling unseen, unheard, and undervalued. It’s time you see yourself as the leader you’ve always been. Everyone is a leader, that includes YOU. This book is all about helping you see yourself, discover your significance, and serve it to the world. 

Take Your Seat is the guide for leaders who don’t want to be like everyone else. It’s the book for difference makers and world changers to hone in on their unique gifting and how to use it for God’s glory. 

Are you ready?

Get Your Copy Now!

Journey through the life of Joseph for practical principles about leading in every situation. You learn how to tap into favor, show up authentically and change any environment no matter what role you’re assigned. 


If you’re ready to stop playing musical chairs, competing for space, then this is place for you. Come to the table, Take Your Seat, and get ready for the leadership revolution you’ve been waiting on. 

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