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It’s time to Power Up!


You, yes you, and your spouse are destined to be Power Couples. Being a power couple isn’t reserved for your favorite actors, singers, media personalities, or even preachers. The title belongs to you too. But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. The truth is we can get distracted by differences allowing them to cause division instead of bringing us together. Not anymore! Our brand new book Power Couples is here to ignite the passion in your relationship and  supercharge connection with your spouse. Together you’ll understand how your unique attributes paint a complete picture of your union and give you power to fulfill your purpose.

Learn how your differences can complement each other in incredible ways. If you’re loud and your spouse is quiet, good! You’re the peacekeeper and your spouse dives into problem-solving mode, that’s relationship gold. You just can’t see it when you’re in.

We’re here to help! After coaching hundreds of couples we’ve discovered 7 areas of power every couple needs to focus on. But the petty little differences are driving you further away from the vision for your marriage. Let us show you how to make your differences work for your marriage!

JG Power Couples Graphic 1920x1080 Blank.jpg
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Hi We’re the Glenns— purpose partners in marriage and ministry. Some people call us pastors, teachers, leaders, son/daughter, and partners. They look at our life and see God’s power. We’re two people, like you, who’ve intentionally invested in our relationship. 


Together we’ve coached hundreds of couples through the highs and lows of marriage. From counseling couples and our own marriage experiences, we’ve created a blueprint to help marriages thrive. We believe marriage is what you make it. But so many people think relationships flourish on their own.


We want to help you invest in the greatest partnership of your life and see yourselves as a POWER COUPLE. Our speciality areas include: Blended families, marriage and business, leading for legacy, communication, intimacy, and intentional living.


We hope this book is just as rewarding to your relationship as it’s been to ours. 

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