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Why do mentors matter?
They point to purpose and provide directions to get you there.

The relationships in your life reveal what God has for your future. How you
honor those relationships determines how fast you get there. Through this
account of my mentors, I share moments that will give you momentum,
prayerfully, for the rest of your life. Each glimpse into my mentor and
mentee relationships will help you shape your own. On this journey, you
will learn the impact of impartation, the importance of intimate
relationships, and how to be intentional with your influence in other
people's lives.

Your mentors, and the moments you share with them, provide
momentum to take on the future. Discover how you can develop lifelong
transformative relationships based on purpose for your purpose.


If you're ready to reveal the life-changing power of mentorships order this book

Mentors: Moments That Give You Momentum


    Also Available in Print

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