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Selah Saturday

Join Erica Glenn as she creates a safe space for women to see themselves, serve themselves, and shower themselves with love before they pour out to others. Through Erica’s teaching, women of all ages are exposed to life-changing tips and tricks, devotionals, affirmations, thought-provoking questions, and sisterhood that is a breath of fresh air in today’s culture. Selah Saturday helps you find balance so you can be the woman you always wanted to be.



Coaching and cultivation for women to become who God wants them to be. Erica Glenn provides transparent teaching about the power of femininity and the purpose of womanhood. Her wisdom and personal experiences are a catalyst for other women to come into the fullness of their identity and purpose. Connect with Crowns and the Crowns Podcasts today.


BiBi Boutique

Because you’re a queen.


This fashion-forward women’s boutique specializes in bringing women pieces that highlight their beauty in fun and unique ways. From street fashions to classic ensembles, BiBi’s Boutique has something to help every queen look and feel as fabulous as she truly is.



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